A new feature has been added to SharePoint Premium to allow users to translate the transcript of a video in Microsoft Stream into 133 different languages. It is similar to SharePoint Premium Document Translation which I blogged about recently. A generated video transcript can be translated into many different languages and these translations can be viewed either as the transcript in full or overlaid on the video as captions. This enables people who speak other languages to follow along with what the video is saying and click to be taken to specific parts of the video.

Under the covers I’m assuming Azure AI Translator Service is used which does a good job of translation. When speaking to bi-lingual people who have compared the the transcripts – they have been impressed with the accuracy & how quick it is has been. Although it’s not 100% accurate – they have been able to follow along and it’s been in the high 90s in terms of percentage of accuracy.

Setup SharePoint Premium transcript translations in Stream for SharePoint

Below I will walk you through the process of enabling Stream Video Transcript translation in your tenant and then translating a video transcript.

First ensure Syntex Pay As You Go. is setup and linked to an Azure Subscription this can be done in the M35 Admin Centre within the Syntex Admin pages (Link will take you direct to your admin centre). Otherwise go to your M365 Admin Centre and then go to Setup > Files and Content > Use content AI with Microsoft Syntex

In the M365 Syntex admin page ensure your Azure subscription is setup and then click on Manage Microsoft Syntex.

Click on Video

Video transcript translations are currently a simple On or Off setting, which doesn’t allow for granularity, e.g., turning translation on for videos on certain sites, allowing only certain users to request translation, or restricting them to a certain amount.

I turn on Video translation by selecting On.

SharePoint Premium Video Translation

Now upload a video using Stream on SharePoint i.e. by going to https://www.microsoft365.com/launch/stream

Once the video is uploaded a transcript needs to be generated for the Video & later we will translate this into a different language. Click on Video Settings on the right hand side Stream menu bar.

The transcript creation was not immediate and took a few hours but later I could then view the video in Stream and see there was a Transcript button in the right hand Stream menu bar. I could then see the transcript of the video in English.

I am now going to show Video (Transcript) translation. Click on Video Settings on the Stream right hand menu bar. Then in the Transcript and captions section click on Translate. Then from the Translate pop up select from the drop down which language to translate the Video transcript into.

Once the translation has finished (it took a few minutes) I can go to the Transcript section and see my video now has a Polish language transcript.

Then as a user I can quickly switch between viewing the Transcript in the source language or the other languages used in translation. The captions (subtitles) on the video are also overlayed with the translations and can be changed to display different translated languages. See the image below (click to expand)…


SharePoint Premium Video Transcript Translation is another great tool for staff to be able to quickly translate videos in their non-native language. Particularly for multi-geo companies and especially with lots of Teams meetings now being recorded with a transcript generated.

Boost efficiency by enabling in-house, on-demand translations for videos and documents, cutting costs and time versus external services, while keeping content secure within your M365 tenant.

I’d like to see M365 eventually translate and dub spoken audio in videos, beyond just the text transcript translation currently offered.

As a reminder on costs for Video (transcript) translation comes under pay-as-you-go and is charged at $15.00 USD per one million characters. This is the same as SharePoint Premium Document Translation.

For a rough estimate (thank you M365 Copilot!), consider that a one-hour meeting might generate a transcript similar in length to a document of several pages. If we assume an average speaking rate of 150 words per minute and an average of 5 characters per word, a one-hour meeting could result in approximately:

So roughly 67c for an hour long meeting transcript to be translated – which is relatively cheap, much cheaper than sending to external companies for translation and much quicker!

You need to CAVEAT that although Azure Translation Services is good, the translation is done by AI and not by a native speaker. So it might not be word-for-word perfect but is very convenient and done in minutes saving your employees time to be more productive. The transcripts can also be edited so a native speaker could perhaps use the transcript and make any changes etc if they see any misinterpretations.

There are a few missing admin controls i.e. restrict to certain sites, users etc which I’m sure will come as there is no admin controls at the moment just an On/Off!

Let me know how you get on with SharePoint Premium Video Transcript Translation and how you are using it in your organisation?

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