I’m excited for next week’s Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference (Oct 12th-14th) & if you haven’t already registered then I DEMAND you register especially if you are a SharePoint Syntex fan! Microsoft Ignite this year is a hybrid with an online digital event & in-person event in Seattle plus several in-person regional spotlights around the world. What’s great this year is there is lots of Syntex sessions planned so hopefully lots of big announcements – it’s great to see SharePoint Syntex getting so much airtime!

In this blog I will discuss and list the recommended Syntex sessions at Microsoft Ignite and also talk about my South Coast Summit Syntex session where I will hopefully have some big Syntex announcement news to share.

Syntex @ Ignite

Unfortunately, I will only be attending Ignite digitally and won’t be attending Seattle or Manchester in person. The day after Ignite finishes I will be at the South Coast Summit (Register Here) in Southampton UK presenting on Syntex.

Below are the Ignite Syntex sessions I’d like to highlight that are available to all and are broadcast digitally. Most happen on Thursday evening (UK time) so looks to be a heavy Syntex night for me. It may also be a late night for me changing my South Coast Summit presentation to incorporate any significant SharePoint Syntex announcements.

This breakout session should herald some big announcements and with an all-star cast including Jeff Teper you can bet this is a session not to be missed to find out what’s next for Content Management and AI using Syntex.

  • Ask the Experts: What’s next for content management and AI – SharePoint Syntex, Search, and advanced management” (CATE36H) | Speakers: Chris McNulty, Sean Squires, Kristen Kamath, James Eccles, Ian Story, and Mark Kashman (moderator) | [live, interactive] | Digital & In-person (Seattle)
    • October 13th, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM (Pacific Time) / 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM British Summer Time

This “Ask the Experts” session is the follow up to the above session 2hrs earlier (“What’s next for content management and AI – SharePoint Syntex, Search, and advanced management” (BRK36)) and will allow you to quiz the experts on Syntex and what’s next. Should be a great discussion, lots of demos & is another must see!

This another session that has piqued my interest it is a Microsoft Mechanics show for “What’s new for SharePoint Syntex”. This will be a video on-demand and the link should be published on day one of Ignite! Will be great to watch this and see some of the new features in action and hear a bit more about them.

  • Virtual roundtable: “Syntex Document Understanding and Controls” (PRT022) led by Nicole Hill, Dieter Jansen, Sean Squires, Kristin Kamath, and Kusum Joshi | Digital
    • October 13th, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM British Summer Time

This virtual roundtable with a limited number of seats (pre-sign up & approval required) is with the Syntex product team. This is an invitation to provide feedback/insights about design concepts and learn about what is important to you with Syntex. In the session notes there is also a mention of “how much control and access you want to give to end users of Syntex subscription services”. Syntex subscription services is interesting mention – perhaps this is Syntex pay as you go that has long been promised! It’s a shame this session clashes with the SharePoint Syntex keynote (BRK36).

This breakout session looks to be a demo heavy session showing Contract Management with SharePoint Syntex, Teams approval and content assembly. Perhaps showing the Content Management In-product site template (Roadmap entry 98138)

The following sessions are on-site at the Seattle Convention Centre and sadly don’t look like at the moment they will be streamed digitally. Hopefully they will be recorded so we can watch later!

There is also lots of Viva, SharePoint, OneDrive Lists, Stream and Project sessions at the upcoming Ignite – you can find all the details in a Microsoft blog here: Microsoft Ignite 2022 guide to Viva, Syntex, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists, Stream, Visio and more. Be sure to check these sessions out and the keynotes.

South Coast Summit

South Coast Summit is one of the largest FREE Microsoft focused community conferences of the year and this year is a three-day event with an action-packed itinerary (see below). Happening in Southampton in the UK at the Rose (Ageas) Bowl Cricket Ground and it is an in-person event.

  • Thursday 13th October – Watch Microsoft Ignite 2022 in-person with your fellow peers, as we stream multiple sessions throughout the day.
  • Friday 14th October – Hands-on workshops and Power Platform Hackathon, limited to 300 attendees.
  • Saturday 15th October – South Coast Summit 2022 – welcoming all 1,400+ attendees, 50 exhibitors and 110 speaker sessions.

I’m delighted to be speaking at South Coast Summit about the “Current State of SharePoint Syntex, Real World Use Cases & Syntex MS Ignite Announcements“. With Syntex getting so much exposure at Ignite there should be lots to talk about & I should be very busy in the lead up working on my presentation so I can present the most up to date announcements from MS Ignite!

Join me for my presentation Saturday 15th October 2022 in Room 2 & find out about SharePoint Syntex how you can use Syntex in real life and I’ll also discuss the SharePoint Syntex Ignite announcements.


I’m very excited about the upcoming Ignite and all of the peak airtime that Syntex is getting – fingers crossed this leads to some great announcements to add to an already powerful tool. In this blog I discussed my recommended Syntex sessions for Ignite – be sure to check out Jeff Teper’s Syntex keynote (BRK36), Ask The Experts Syntex Session (CATE36H) & the Microsoft Mechanics What’s new in SharePoint Syntex session (link published 12/10/22).

South Coast Summit promises to be an awesome event which I’m also privileged to be speaking at. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of the community there – many of whom I’ve never met before! Also looking forward to volunteering and catching some great sessions as and when I can!

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